Friday, October 29, 2010

My "Dander" is up!

Like so many others, Marie Claire's blogger Maura Kelly's recent slam on obese people has my dander up! I realize that's an old fashioned expression but if I said what it really makes me feel, well it would be far to obscene to print! Unlike Claire, I don't feel it is my right to bombard people with obscene statements!

For the record; Yes, I'm a "big" girl. My size has readily increased since being stricken with fibro. Is that something I can help? NO! However, does anyone truly, truly believe that obesity is a life choice????

Come on lady! Think about it - would we, as a society, willing go out on a binge just so we could feel the wrath of idiots such as yourself?? Oh yes, that's just what I want for my life - I want to be sneered at, made fun of, left out of life's beautiful places.....God, get a friggin' clue!

I spent over 40 yrs. of my life as a slender if not too thin woman. Even when I was gigantic pregnant with a 9 lb. baby, my weight was only 175 lbs. I have to look in the mirror every single day and see someone I don't recognize. It isn't bad enough that my physical abilities have dwindle to nothing or that my mind is slowly slipping away but then to not even be able to look at my own reflection....well, let's just say this, "Thanks for adding to my self loathing and depression you wretched woman!"

I truly wish I could get a grasp on things and just "love" who I am and who I've "become." I once watched an interview with the comedian/actress Mo'nique and she said something about how she was totally comfortable with herself and her size and thought of herself as sexy. I thought, "Why can't I feel that way about myself?" it never, ever crossed my mind to condemn her for it.

There's more of a lesson here than just weight issues. This can easily be incorporated into the recent headlines of bullying. This type of attitude is EXACTLY the same thing. Feeling entitled to criticize or punish or torture, either with words or actions, is a serious, serious offense against fellow human beings!

As a nation, it is our responsibility to stand up against wrongs! We are plagued with offenses against our fellow man and it's high time we stand up and speak out about it. You DO NOT have to be gay, obese, illiterate, poor, ethnic, Muslim or any other "chastised" faction to know that EVERYONE deserves to be treated with dignity and respect!

This rant did not make me feel better about myself per se, but it does make me feel better knowing that I am making a positive stand toward my fellow man. Instead of sitting around thinking how the world is falling apart, we should all take a bit of kindness and turn it into glue to repair the brokenness.

Until next time!

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