Sunday, October 10, 2010

To quote the "Monkees"

It's another "Pleasant Valley Sunday" here - the temperature is great, the sun is shining, the birds are singing....well, you get the point :)

However, in the world of fibro, where weather can negatively effect you, all the pleasantness in the world won't help. I know from the way I feel today that I could never live in a desert region. The temperature swings from night today would be impossible - like what it's doing here, now.

Okay, I admit that I've been pushing myself because I did my own "house crash" and I am still trying to complete it but come on! Yesterday, I fixed my washing machine (again) but this time I used man tools - you know, stuff like; plumber strap, screws and a screwdriver :) If that doesn't do it, it can't be fixed!

I also tore into my son's room - ugh! I take advantage of the weekends when he's camping and venture into the vast wasteland that he calls him bedroom. It took the better part of 2 hours but at least now he has the hanging clothes hanging in his closet and his chest of drawers is once again the vessel for his other duds - that's opposed to the closet floor, where they were when I went in!

I vacuumed,did laundry and general straightening, on top of deep cleaning his room and by nightfall, I was in so much pain, it hurt to move/sit! Then, sleep failed me again and @ 2 a.m. I was still watching TV wishing my GERD would go the heck away.

My point of my descriptive day is that; in it's entirety, my day was lame! I mean, there was no "hard labor" there - there wasn't anything even a fraction near the stuff other people do in their everyday lives. It's so frustrating to be wiped out by trivial tasks! I used to be strong, capable and complete!

So, here I sit documenting this journey and feeling more and more frustrated. I had hoped this blog would help me mentally deal with this stuff and it has, kinda....but sometimes, no matter what source you tap for comfort, it just isn't there to be had.

Until next time!

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  1. It is frustrating to be wiped out from what is considered just every day things that people do. I hear ya. hugs