Friday, October 8, 2010

To drive or not to drive

Okay, so my son had to be taken to a scout camp today and dropped off. The camp is about 30 or so miles or so from our home and we had to run errands before he needed to be there @ 3:00 p.m., that was the plan anyway.

Here's how it actually went; we leave our house @ 1:10 p.m., head to the bank, then payed a bill. When leaving the shopping center, I'm sitting @ a red light, explaining to my children how, when the light turns green, you ease into the intersection and wait for it to clear before proceeding. As I'm telling this, the light goes green & I just sit there - it took (what seemed like) an eternity to process the color! Thankfully, no one was behind us!

Then, we head to a friend's workplace so she can buy popcorn from my scout. When we leave there, I go the way I thought we were supposed to go, but after we are in full motion my son says, "No Mom, you have to go to blah, blah, blah and then go blah, blah, blah." (That's what it sounded like to me anyway). So, I adjust my course, which thankfully wasn't too far off base and head to the campground.

Midway to our destination I notice my tank is getting low. So, I'm hoping it isn't much farther (never having been there myself before)and luckily it isn't - however, a mile or so from the campground we realize that we forgot to put the tent in the car!

A quick "u-ey" later, we are headed back to town and the gas station.....then I forget where I'm at and my 13 yr. old and 14 yr. old have to say, "No Mom, you are on the right road - keep going!"

We make it home safe and sound, run in the house and grab the tent and head back out. By this time we are about 40 mins. off our original mark and that alone makes me crazy! I cannot stand tardiness, especially when it's me who's tardy. Talk to the hubby and he say, "Don't worry, there is no set time for him to be there!" This is the same guy who said to have him there @ 3:00 originally - ugh!

The camp is down a long,narrow, gravel road and we met several cars coming from the opposite direction but it was tolerable...we wait in the parking lot for 30-40 mins. for a counselor to show up (wouldn't you know it, he's running late!)he helps my son with some stuff and then we proceed to check in. After check in, we help him haul his tent and gear to the staff site and watch/help him set up his tent (with NO hammer because .... we forgot it!)

Okay, kids are set and it's time to leave, weave through the lot, wave @ the nice man (that was standing in an "odd place"), go around the barricade and 1/2 down the road we came in on, my mind processes the ONE WAY sign that was posted on said barricade, then the oddly placed man popped to mind and it processes, like syrup, that he wasn't saying "bye" he was trying to head me off! - Extremely unsuccessfully!

Now, nobody was harmed and during the day it is a two way road but apparently during BUSY times it is not and you couldn't have picked a busier time than when we were leaving. Funny thing was, before the "light came on" and realization kicked in, I'm just having nine kinds of hissy fit about how the road should not be two way, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.....yep, that's me alright - always with the good ideas!

So, in order to deal with my mind fog, I'm documenting it - telling the whole world how stupid I am and how when I say there are days I shouldn't leave the house, I REALLY shouldn't leave the house - not with me driving anyway!

I think right now, I'm going to pour myself some juice, find my way to the couch and just sink down into it. I may or may not come up for air/food - depends on how much I want to subject myself to tonight....I'm feeling really awful about "stuff" right now.

Until next time!

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