Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Because I am now going on a mere 4 hours of sleep, I thought it a fair subject for today's entry. Many people suffer from sleep disturbances but with fibro there is this "quirk" that makes it all the more ironic.

Two of the main symptoms of fibro are; extreme exhaustion and inability to sleep. How's that for mixing it up??? I mean, on one hand you are so tired you cannot function and on the other, you cannot sleep worth a hoot!

The human body is an amazing vessel but one so sensitive that if you mess up one function the entire thing is liable to follow. As is the case with fibro; each system within the body has some sort of ill affect from it, at one point or the other.

Sleep deprivation can take its toll in many, many forms. Did you know that if you don't sleep well, you can actually gain weight?? Ugh! Just another way to add to the stress and depression huh? To feel tired is bad enough but to feel tired and fat - well hand me some anti-depressants and stay out of my way!

All joking aside, I sincerely feel that if the researches found the proper "starting point", they could solve the puzzle that is fibro. However, considering all of the symptoms that occur with it, around it, before it - well, pin pointing that can be an elusive task.

I suspect that I have always had "symptoms" throughout my young adult life but I believe the extreme onset began when I suffered a neck/back injury. From the moment it happened my life went into a spiral and hasn't stopped yet.

So, did the neck injury acerbate the already existing depression thus causing the trauma to my nervous system or could it have been there, lying dormant, waiting for my system to be compromised??? All fair questions - really, really wish I had gone to medical school so I could research it myself (with true confidence and knowledge.)

Well, that last statement was just enough to put me in a "what if" kinda mood - I should pat myself on the back....I managed to depress myself lol! Who needs critical parents, spouses, friends or relatives when you can take yourself to task??

Well, the day is holding some promise as my AC/Heat people have returned and are working diligently to get the unit fixed and although my eyes are full of sand and I ache from head to toe, I have every intention of making the most of this day that God saw fit for me to partake in.

Until next time!

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