Sunday, October 24, 2010

Where did that come from?

I love Sundays! I say that for multiple reasons; church, family & relaxation - those are the high points. Everything is just so relaxed for us on Sundays and it's nice. We veg on shows we've DVR'd during the week, we munch and we just all around relax.

It came in handy for me today. I have stated it many, many times but I do believe the weather is about to "get" me. Sitting in church today, minding my own business and my lower back/tail bone got that old, familiar ache....."Oh no" was my first thought and sure enough, "oh no" it was!

My question is this, "Where did that come from?" I mean, I'm sitting in a comfortable pew and no, we don't do a lot of standing, sitting, kneeling. We stand for the Doxology and then for closing hymn, the rest of the time I'm sitting.

So now I think I have two culprits to look at; 1. The weather, front was pushing around - no rain like promised, but none the less. 2. Footwear, yep, I wore heels to church today....dummy me, dummy me!

Still, sitting you wouldn't think your shoes could affect your back but I think that's exactly what it was. I ended up kicking them off while I was sitting but I believe that decision was too late.

I haven't done much since coming home today. The pain is a continuous ache in the lumbar area and now the twinges between the shoulders have begun. I think that comes because of the over compensations I make in my posture to accommodate the lower back pain - vicious circle!

To recap - avoid heels or avoid heels during changing weather??? Hmmm....being that I can't avoid changing weather and I can avoid heels, guess that one's a no brainer lol! I hate, hate, hate having to alter my choices because of my "brokenness!" It just adds to the multiple feelings of inadequacies that fill my daily life. Oh well, muscle relaxers - here I come!

Until next time!

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