Saturday, October 16, 2010

Relaxed & Rested

You know, it's a shame that a day of doing absolutely nothing can make a person feel so good, even if there is guilt associated with it. This weekend has been a do nothing one for me. My hubby and son are on a camping trip and my daughter and I have just hung out, watching movies,'s been so nice.

Tomorrow of course will be another subject; they return and life resumes but until then, I'm reading by the fireplace with the cat on my lap and enjoying the "nothingness" of it all.  However, I must admit that I find it sad that in order to feel good or "normal" I have to remain completely sedentary.  No movement, no pain but tons and tons of weight gain - yep, that's what doing nothing gets ya!

We have managed to take daily walks since the weather has cooled off. I'm probably pushing that a bit too much but I have to do something, right? My son had his 14th Birthday yesterday and I even conned him into walking with us. Of course, he promptly tuned us out with his new iPod but at least he was with us :)

Even as relaxed as I've been today, speech has been rather troublesome. It made me all the more glad that I had very little interaction with outsiders today :)  Another, sad but true, daily existence of a fibro sufferer.  Sometimes, it is just better to not mingle with non-family members lol!

For now though, all is well, quiet and nice and I hope and pray that it remains that way up to the moment my family is all together again - then I fully expect the chaos that goes along with it and I will be loving every minute of that too.

Until next time! 

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