Friday, October 5, 2012

I Once Was Lost......but Now I'm BACK! :)


I've not been blogging now for over a year....I just fell into oblivion and couldn't bring myself to climb out. I have pretty much quit writing - anything & I'm "okay" with that .... I think!

So, overall recap - lost 40+ lbs. because I went off all my meds except my lung stuff and then let a doctor convince me I needed Sythroid again...needless to say, gained back almost 25 of the lost weight!!! Now I'm struggling to re-gain control of me.

I did however have a nutritionist recently explain to me that because I have Hypothyroidism, I cannot use stimulants for weight loss, they act in the opposite fashion! I now have a high protein intake and watching my fat/sugar. I also attempt to walk & exercise daily. We'll see....

Anyway, the flare-ups come and go still - which still sucks! All in all though, I'm hanging in there & hoping to get back on track with my blog.

Until Next Time!