Friday, October 22, 2010

How does that expression apply??

Okay, so..."If no pain, no gain" is an actual, honest to goodness, way to measure if your exercising activities are working....well then, I should be buff in about 2 more sessions!!!

Seriously, the only part of my torso that isn't hurting is the tipity-top of my head. So, were I to take the adage to heart - it's working!! Yay??? I'm just not convinced that putting myself through all of these aches are worth the end result but I'm going to keep going.

I'm figuring that "IF" I can get my body into some other shape than ROUND, then I will see the full benefits of all the pain. As I stated before, I may be in a wheelchair with a morphine drip but, "I'll look good!" The way I'm feeling right now, that could have been way understated - but seeing how I have no plans of being buried; to say I'd look good in my casket would be a falsehood! lol!

Although the previous paragraph was said in jest, I truly am hurting from all of the stuff I've been putting my body through - in the name of exercise and physical fitness. It is a side affect I feel from any exertion though so why not try to have some benefit from it.

Truthfully, I do believe I have added strength to my legs. That is a great plus because one of my worst symptoms is the weakness in my lower body. There are times when I think I'm just going to drop to the ground because my legs turn to noodles.

So, for now, I am going to look ahead to peek at the new and improved me, even while the current "old and broken" me is screeching out in pain.

Until next time!

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