Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Weather" or not

Well, fall finally made it to our neck of the woods and although I love cooler temps, the sudden change is messing with my fibro bad!

For instance, I have had absolutely NO energy to speak of. As a matter of fact, I napped off and on in my chair most of the afternoon. That is so not like me - I am not a napper. I wake up all jittery and discombobulated, ugh! Today however, nap, do something for the kids, nap, do something else for the kids, nap, etc....

My son has been running a low temp for the last two days and is fighting a cold, one that I'm sure to get because that's how it goes in our house. Anyway, he laid around all day and my daughter had a friend overnight and they hung out all day.

The only real thing I accomplished was to get the new landscaping done in the turtle's aquarium -'s that for progress? Oh yes, I managed to speak with my mother early in the morning so that information I gleaned from her could ruin my entire demeanor - score!

So, stress, weather changes and cold germs - yup, heading down a slippery slope and into a fibro cyclone I think. With any luck, I can med-up, go to bed and dodge one or more of the offenders!

Until next time!

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