Sunday, October 17, 2010


Today's one of my "I wonder..." days.  I wonder about everything which translates to worry which then slides into tension which then screams into panic! Yup, my thought processes are mind blowing :)

Like most people, women, wives, moms; I have lots on my plate at various times and then others - nothing.  When I'm lucky enough to have "nothing" going, that's usually when my mind steps up and says, "Well, we can't have idle mind, blah, blah, blah" but then it decides that wonder is the best path - stupid brain!!

So, here I sit; still with no heat/ac and unable to fix the situation and wondering just how ugly it's gonna get before the solution is found.  I have a long history of letting my mouth overload my common sense and then it's down hill from there.  I am TRYING, very HARD, to be patient and amiable to all parties involved.

Then yesterday, I got my phone bill.  Which I just reworked into a "bundle" of my internet, phone and satellite service.  The promise of so much for so little should have been a red flag but I figured saving anything would be a plus at this, last month's bill was fabulous! I was on cloud 9 thinking, "Yay, I finally made a sound decision!"  Ha! This months bill arrives and wow!, did they ever screw me!

My bundle price was just as it should have been but somehow they managed to find another $55.00 in additional fees???? WTF???? Okay, okay, sorry - slid into panic just typing about it - moment over, deep breathing occurring, I sent them an email because seriously, if I type and panic, can you imagine a phone conversation with me??? ugh!

Normally, I would turn to my hubby in times like these and let him deal with it but seriously, he has a "new" job and is working crazy hours just to help us limp along - I should be able to take care of stuff - why can't I then???? As I've said many, many times....I blame it on the fibro!

My inability to cope with relatively easy tasks has gone bye-bye, my ability to remain calm; also gone. I'm left with this emotional wreck of a human being who cannot put two words together without sounding like an idiot.  To make matters far worse, I'm really not an overly pleasant person to begin with so fluster me, anger me or confuse me and OMG!

So, there you have it - my Sunday is chocked full of wonder and it's getting worse by the moment. I have no recourse but to let it take its natural path of progression and hope and pray that I come out on the other end with some sense of dignity left.....yeah, that's a stretch but one can hope.

Until next time!

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