Sunday, October 3, 2010


The weather change has me spinning. I am achy, fatigued and miserable today. I love fall but I can't seem to make the switch from warm to cool without some kind of backlash.

My neck, shoulders and back are "tight." It feels like my muscles are trying to scrunch together for warmth or something. I'm hurting so much that laying down isn't an option because they (the muscles) are tender to the touch.

I'm thinking that no matter how I try tonight, sleep is going to be elusive. I'd medicate and then wash it down with a "toddy" but I'm on meds for my diverticulitis that forbids any alcohol.....grrrr!

So, I'm going to find my book, make some hot, lemon tea and go watch some football. Maybe watching all the pain the players feel will make mine seem small in comparison and I will be able to ignore it for a bit.

Until next time!

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