Saturday, October 23, 2010

Like any other day

Today has been typical....clean house, take a break; do more work, take a break; exercise, take a break - I think I'm "breaking" up with myself lol! That's the only way I can accomplish anything, taking the breaks keeps me from shutting down before I finish whatever task I'm working on.

I'm now fighting a head/chest cold so I'm a little more "off" than normal and I'm feeling every bit of it. There is something completely unsettling about a cold anyway. I hate that "plugged" feeling and the muffled sound quality - it all makes me so off kilter. That's just what a fibro sufferer needs, more stuff to make you feel unbalanced, indecisive and hard of hearing!

Tonight, heavy duty cold medicine is in order and I'm not afraid to use it, lol! It will allow me to sleep at least. The last couple of nights have been fitful at best and I found myself sitting up or roaming about the house trying to breath.

The weather here is playing havoc with my fibro too. Unseasonably warm weather, which is nice, but dry, dry, dry. Moisture is moving in and I can feel it coming. I swear, we fibro people should hire ourselves out as weather predictors!

Tomorrow, the rain is supposed to be here and I'm willing to wager the arthritis like symptoms are not far behind. It is an unfortunate but they do seem to go hand in hand...just part of the lovely fibro "glitches."

So, we'll see what tomorrow brings and in the mean time, I'll keep forging ahead and taking breaks to make it through, throwing in a sneeze, a wheeze and a nose blow here and there.

Until next time!

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