Tuesday, October 12, 2010

To want in one hand and.....

Okay, I'm sure you've heard the rest of the expression in the title and you undoubtedly have even experienced a time when it applies, right? Admit it, not everything is rosy all the darn time and it does not always go your way or work out in the end....that's just life!

Well right now, I could easily tell life to,(quoting a friend here) "SUCK IT!" I mean I seriously must have cheesed off the entire universe lately because it sure as heck is giving me a slap on the rear this week!

The slap comes to me in the form of stress, the emotion that nobody needs, but the main one that causes fibro sufferers to go into a full blown, all out flare up - oh yes, just what you need to go with the stress!!!

So, you've heard me whining about the AC/Heat unit crashing and burning (literally) for the 3rd time and now...wait for it...my refrigerator died too!!! Yay for Haley and her appliance challenged life - woot!

Not only did the fridge die but it took with it a boat load of food and condiments. Okay, I'm not gonna say I miss the hubby's pickled herring or jalapenos but my industrial size container of cottage cheese and sour cream - wahhhhh, why, why, why did it have to take my dairy products down with it??? lol!

Thank God for small favors as the freezer had very little in it - ice I can replace :) Luckily a couple of months back we bought a large, upright freezer and it "stands alone" now in my sad and pathetically void kitchen.

I admit, I have wished the fridge dead on many occasions. Every time a door shelf would "give" and spill its contents all over the poor person's foot who opened it, harsh words and thoughts were heaped upon it. However, in my and my families defense, "We didn't mean it literally!"

To look at the old gal you'd never know she was 12 or 13 yrs. old and to be fair, she's had a good run. The ice-maker has been on and off from the beginning but nothing we could coax back into life and as I mentioned, her shelves were going South but so are mine so "eh." All in all, she's been pretty reliable and I should honor her but her death is highly untimely and I'm stressing!!!

So,tomorrow consists of; school, waiting on AC guy, fridge shopping via phone, internet and car, waiting on AC guy, writing, waiting on AC guy and hopefully fridge delivery guy, writing and oh yes, STRESSING! lol!

If anything else bends, breaks or budges, I'll be sure to be posting again. For now, I'm going to take my book and coffee and go outside in the swing and wish and pray for better days.

Until next time!

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