Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November's here

I haven't made a post in a few days because I was caught up in the trappings that come with Halloween. My children are just about done with tromping about, begging for sweets but not quite.

I enjoyed it this year though as they both went on their merry, little ways with their friends and my husband and I sat outside together by the fire pit, handing out candy. We took the much needed opportunity to talk, something we rarely get a chance to do anymore - in depth anyway.

However, I think the cool air got to me as I'm feeling the old, familiar ache, creeping around my back. I have learned to recognize those first little signs and try countering them as soon as they appear.

Last night, as I watched my son receive his new rank of Life Scout, I felt as if I had the flu coming on. I knew better - I knew it was the onset of a flare up so I wasn't worried about making an entire room of people sick.

I came home and babied myself. I moved "slower" and relaxed more. I took my meds. and waited until I was sleepy, not just tired, before I went to bed. This one act really helps me. If I am dropping on my feet sleepy when I retire, I have less chance of the toss and turn and hurt problems.

Today, still achy but I believe, for now, it's under control. I have to go out soon though and I'll know as soon as the air hits me just how under control it really is.

On a final and non-fibro related note: It's voting day across the country...please do your civic duty and go out and vote. It's a right the constitution gave us, we should exercise it so we retain the right to complain about the outcomes! :) lol!

Until next time!

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