Monday, October 11, 2010


You ever have a day that starts out before you even rise out of bed? That's where I've been today - I woke up with a banging headache and now, @ 5:52 p.m., it is still with me, along with aches in every joint.

I accomplished nothing today around the house. I managed to drag myself in to town to order my son's birthday cake and that depressed me. lol! He is turning 14 on Friday the 15th and all it's managed to do is make me wonder, "Where the heck did the time go?"

Last night we had a family tradition/activity; a weenie & marshmallow roast. This particular one was extra special as we have two tiny new members to the clan tradition - my great nephew Jude and my great niece, his sister; Phoebe. It was wonderful fun to see their eyes as they watched the fire and heard the stories and laughter from all of us "loony" grown-ups.

It was also my first time sharing this event with my nieces step son and daughter, Steven & Amber, as well as their significant others; Candice & Eric. Our family is growing in leaps and bounds yet our gatherings have gotten smaller and smaller over the years. My niece and I seem to be the only ones who are holding true to the "old ways" but that's okay because our kids will be raised with them and have fond memories for their adult lives because of it.

Even as fun and comforting as the family gathering was, the nagging aches never left and the night ended rather early for me. I long for the day when I can be myself again, not this over weight, non-participating blob of a human being....some day maybe.

For now, I have a step machine that I've been forcing myself to use to try to restrengthen my legs and a mountain of pills to stave off all the other "uglies" of the fibro realm. As long as the weather is tolerable, I will force myself to get out and walk, even if it's just in my yard - I have to take back my life and soon before there is nothing left to reclaim.

Tonight however, it's the couch, a compress for my head and my favorite Tony Curtis movie; "The Great Race" gotta love TCM! The only thing I can figure is that one of my many former lives must have been spent in the golden age of Hollywood as I am a sucker for an old movie and the classic actor/actresses of the past.

Until next time!

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