Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wow, I Have a Muscle There?

Sore does not begin to describe how my body feels right now! Too much strain from ripping out carpet yesterday apparently, because I hurt in places I didn't know could hurt. Sleep was non-existing last night as even meds couldn't quell this flare up. Gentle hugs,(as a friend says,) are about all I could handle right now.

Word salad was fun today too, as I tried to speak/sing in church. I swear, making my words form properly is a full time job anymore. When the muscles flare, I can almost guarantee one or more of the weird symptoms are gonna show up too. I'm grateful that my daughter and I went to a movie so that I could have and hour & a 1/2 of not having to talk.

However, I have come to the conclusion that the theater seats are not so good for my body. Today was "okay" because we were two of three people in the entire theater and had our choice of seating. We didn't have anyone behind us, so I could stretch and twist and turn as necessary but when it's crowded, the seats really kill me. I suppose I could try not being so considerate and scrunching down in the seat so far huh? :)

On top of the fibro flaring, there are some personal issues eating at me too so I just know the next few days are going to be just "swell." Seems the more stress there is, the more flare there is. I'm too old to be feeling the angst that I am about the things that I do but it's there none the less. Guess using the words "swell" & "angst" really show my age too huh...but give me credit, I'm try to keep this blog "clean." lol!

So to recap; today was achy but blissful until I returned home....guess it was going to good for me or something. I'm beginning to think I'm on a cosmic "screw with me" list somewhere and every time I'm observed smiling or laughing, a wrench is tossed at me to see if I'll duck it, catch it or get hit with it - today, I got hit!

Right now, I'm going to drink my coffee, listen to the F1 race my hubby dvr'd and snuggle up with my computer. I hope the world leaves me alone for the rest of the day as I promise I will most certainly leave it alone :)

Until next time!

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