Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sleepless In Illinois

Another sleepless night - part of the wonderful world of Fibro.

As a suffer I can say, "for me,this is one of the "symptoms" that shows up 1st and more often than the rest." I spend many a night/morning watching TV, reading or on my laptop, simply because I cannot sleep.

Most often my lack of sleep is due to pain(s) in my back, neck, shoulders and hips but on other occasions it's more of an insomnia thing. My mind refuses to shut down, playing and replaying events in my mind from any and every time frame.

My father passed away in Dec. of 2008 and every night, without fail, I relive the night he died. It is on a continuous loop and that memory leads to others etc., etc., it is an endless cycle.

I would akin my "mind loops" to a type of O.C.D. truthfully. It's as if the process has to be completed before the body will relax. I can be falling asleep in the living room and by the time I drop into my bed, I'm awake and taking my mental journeys. I have to say that after 4 + yrs. of fibro, I'm a well traveled gal. lol!

Today, well - yesterday actually, I overdid it with the mowing....I knew there would be heck to pay for it but life has to keep clicking right? So, I had an evening of nausea and stiffness and now insomnia, I'd say a full boat by any account. :)

Well,tomorrow/today is a school day and errand day so I really must try to get sleep. You'd think our ungodly expensive sleep number bed would be just the ticket but alas, it is not. It is simply more tolerable than a regular mattress.

I would consider giving "my kingdom" for a bed like the ones in I.C.U. wards. The pressure changes automatically and at random in order to head off bed sores. It's just my opinion, but I believe that those beds would be a tremendous help for fibro sufferers.

Who knows, maybe one day, between medical "herb", motion mattresses and jacuzzis,fibro could become tolerable :)

Until next time!

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