Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Foggy Morning #1

Morning - Notice I didn't say "Good Morning?" I try to never start a conversation with that phrase simply because it usually isn't. lol!

So yesterday I posted and told you all about my "Fibro Illnesses" and lo and behold, after reading it this morning I realized that I forgot some stuff! ***gasp*** shocker huh?

I forgot the hemorrhoids, which I'm betting you're very glad to hear about. I forgot the overall fatigue/malaise, maybe I was just too tired to put that on originally (**snark**) Then there are the truly "quirky" symptoms such as; sore to the touch, I often feel bruised and the slightest touch sends me into orbit. I am super sensitive to light, sound and smell....those are some real crowd pleasers!

My son is responsible for taking out the garbage in our house. I tell you this because he deserves a ton of sympathy. Not because he has a chore to do but because when your Mother has a smell sensitivity, well...you are taking out the garbage way more often than you normally would have to. We go through a ton of garbage bags too because of it.

The sensitivity to light has subsequently caused my vitamin D deficiency - I don't know if I put that one on either lol!

Ooh, another HUGE quirky symptom, textures matter! I wish I could say it's limited to clothing but not with me. I am overly weird when it comes to the textures of anything that comes in contact with my skin or tongue....certain foods are impossible for me to eat because of texture. I am limited to what I wear because of the feel of the clothing on my skin and there are even times when I have to put a sheet over my chair because of the texture of the material...how's that for weird.

Then there's the "can't swallow" thing - and if you turn that into a piggish thing, shame on you! lol! Seriously though, I have lots of trouble swallowing and at night it causes me to choke and wake up gasping.

Digits swelling, "purpling" from Renaud's and calcium deposits too......these, along with the swallowing things were in fact confirmed by my Rheumy as documented fibro issues.

After reading over this stuff, I can understand how so many docs think this is a syndrome of the mind...I can. However, unless there is some sort of unspoken, mass hysteria like thing sweeping the globe, then I don't see how that would even be remotely feasible.

With the recent discovery of the XMRV retrovirus, it gives me hope that all of the mystery about this disease/syndrome will soon be put to bed. Surely the medical world won't shun a real, honest to goodness virus??? *said with tongue firmly planted in cheek*

Excited and hopeful for vindication is more like it. Sufferers from Fibro and Chronic Fatigue have been looked down upon for so long that recognition is as high a priority as cure. That is a sad truth in itself.

I personally struggled for years before a diagnosis was given - I cannot work outside the home because it is so unfair to expect an employer to understand that today may be good for me to come in but I don't know about tomorrow or even later in the day today.....the flare ups are quick and unpredictable as are the amount of time they last.

So there you have it...day 2 of the blog and all it was was expansion of yesterdays. This could go on forever @ the rate I forget stuff :)

Until next time

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  1. For whatever reason, I'm right there with you on the quirks - the sensitivities to touch (ouch!), light (including the Vitamin D deficiency and light-induced irritability and migraines), smells, food textures, and calcium deposits.