Monday, November 8, 2010

To the Doctor or not to the doctor???

Well the weekend passed by rather slowly for me because I spent the better part of it with a screaming headache. Seems I can't shake it for very long, even when I bombard myself with Aleve ..... strange but not a huge surprise.

I've concluded that my headaches are a massive tumor, lurking around in my head just waiting for the right time to "pop!" Yes, I know, it is highly unlikely that it is a tumor or anything other than, sinuses, stress, TMJ or all of the above but I cannot be so dramatic over those boring, old things now can I? lol!

When you live with fibro, you literally learn to live with multiple things at once. I cannot remember one day over that last four or five years, that I have been completely and totally "symptom free." I have certainly had some very, very good days but never entirely free of one malady or another.

Which brings me to the reason for this, exactly, do you know when you should make an appointment to see a doctor? I actually let my shoulders hurt for months before giving in and going to an orthopedic doc. After multiple cortisone injections and almost 2 months of physical therapy - the symptoms simply "vanished."

Now, I suppose I could accredit their miraculous disappearance to the shots or the therapy but any sufferer can tell you what it truly was - a massive flare up that left as mysteriously as it first appeared.  Leaving me, I might add, feeling completely moronic for having wasted the time and efforts of so many medical personnel.

So, suffice it to say, I will not subject my brain aneurysm/tumor/sinus thing/stress thing to the doctor for further evaluation as I know it will only end with me looking like a complete hypochondriac - again.  And, if for some fluke of fate, I die and it was determined that one of the above, "imaginary" scenarios proves to be true - "Oops!" lol!

Just one of the many things we "broken" individuals have to deal with on a daily basis - doubt. Nothing says, "Wow, get a grip" like always questioning your own body. No wonder nobody else can read us, we cannot get a proper read on ourselves.

Oh well, I guess we can just add that to our many "special" circumstances that make us - us, the "Fibromyalgia enigmas" that we are!

Until next time!

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