Thursday, November 11, 2010

A pain in the butt!

Yup, "A pain in the butt" is exactly how I would describe I.B.S. - another of the lovely sub-afflictions we fibro people suffer from.  Out of all of them, I'd say this one is the most "irritating" - pun intended but not exaggerated in the least.

When you have I.B.S., dining out is a major obstacle. I cannot tell you how many times I have passed on eating when out with friends because the moment the food hits my stomach - my night is completely ruined.  I mean really, who wants to go out and have to spend all of the evening in the bathroom?

To compound matters, I also suffer from hemorrhoids so the I.B.S. is truly a symptom I would just as soon omit from my daily routine. My surgeon that took out my Gallbladder recommended that I take 1/2 of an anti-diarrhea tablet daily and that's fine for some but for me it just causes constipation - so, I'm  "dammed up" if I do and "dam" if I don't - lol!

When I'm "afflicted" with I.B.S. and it's ugliness, every movement is having a disease of the nervous system isn't enough, right? I feel like I'm a walking time bomb, just feed me and see if I don't explode within minutes!

This whole mess is the main reason why I had to stop doing the Atkins weight regime. When I moved into the Ketosis stage, I was in major, major pain....yup, a pain in the butt again, to be sure!  This fact truly does bother me as I'm a believer in Atkins for my personal life. I have lived it - prior to these "problems", I lost a great deal of weight while on it and I looked and felt wonderful. So, this affliction and so many, many others is just another day in the life of a "fibro-broken" person!

Until next time!

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