Monday, November 15, 2010

Kidney Stones

I am having a very hard time right now. Seems that I have yet another kidney stone or stones.  If you've never had them be grateful! I can only describe the pain as; pinpointed to a specific area and it feels as if you are giving birth through the muscles/skin of said area! Another way to think of it is the movie "Aliens" - something horrific is trying to tear its way out of your body!

Mine always do the same thing, starting out as a slight discomfort that I assume is some type of muscle strain going on. It doesn't take long before I realize what it is and then all I can do is hold on for the ride! I avoid the "doctor thing" on these simply because I've done that before and it got me nowhere! They do their little scan and say, "Yup, you got stones and it will hurt when they pass!" Nobody busted them for me or made me more comfortable, nope - just leave the agony to me!

Anyway, I post this because, this is one of those darling, little, nagging illnesses that started plaguing me around the same time as my fibro diagnosis. Now, whether they are directly related or not, I cannot say but I do feel that there is some type of connection. If not directly tied then I would say that something I changed, due to the fibro, led to the stones - just guessing here though.

All I know is that my body is riddled with diagnoses, pills, vitamins, etc. and still the fun keeps comin'! I am currently of the mind to cease and desist all chemical remedies and seek out a more homeopathic way to treat my multiple conditions. I won't stop any meds until I find a sound alternative but that is the direction I will be moving in and soon. I see no further reason to make the pharmaceutical companies richer while draining my bank account and getting no physical improvements to show for it!

Until next time!

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