Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

I, like millions of other people, have come to some, "Beginning the New Year" decisions. I have decided to call them "Challenges" as opposed to "Resolutions" as in my life, nothing is EVER resolute. They change and morph daily therefore becoming challenges.

So, along with my utter astonishment at my arrival to the year 2011, I am equally amazed that I arrived here so over weight, out of shape and broken. Therefore, my number one challenge is to "Fix what is Broken!" Beginning with ME - this shall prove to be one of the greatest challenges I have ever undertaken because I am really quite broken :)  However, I know that I have determination lurking somewhere just under my layers of resignation, depression and consternation, so I have to dig deep! lol!

I leave this blog short because in order to get anything done toward this challenge I have to start immediately - "Go into the new year with a new attitude, it may actually get you to where you want to be!"

Until next time!

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