Thursday, January 20, 2011

Obesity and Fibro

I love all the stuff coming out right now about how obesity makes Fibro worse...."Really???" For myself I can say this, "No kidding! However, I wasn't obese until this crap hit me!!!!" At what point will the "experts" determine that exercise hurts us and the fatigue keeps some of us from running marathons? - well, me anyway.

I was never an athletic person - ever....but I was active. I worked and did stuff like a normal human being. The only time my weight was over 145 lbs. was when I was pregnant. Now, I'd give anything (figuratively speaking) to be back @ that weight.

Look, I don't want to now nor have I ever wanted to be a darn Super Model. I don't want the calendar girl figure either - I want my figure back. The one that saw me through thick and thin (pun intended there). I was never "hot" but I felt comfortable with me. Right now, I feel and look like I ate the old me and haven't burped her out yet!!!!!

Instead of the experts pointing out the obvious - how about they figure out what causes this mess (I suggest looking really, really closely at female medicines/products that we have ingested for years) or create a weight loss medicine that could help us...........I DO NOT LIKE WHO I AM NOR WHAT I LOOK LIKE - STOP TELLING ME TO LOSE WEIGHT WHEN I ALREADY KNOW I NEED TO!!

Okay, that being screamed and "Nope, I don't feel better", moving on - the bottom line is; We know we need help, we are begging for it. When will it be truly heard? I feel this latest announcement is just one sentence ahead of, "It's all in your head." Now, "It's all in your waistline" - thanks experts!

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  1. I hadn't heard about this issue yet. What a load of crap!! That pisses me off too. My fibro really kicked in after I gave birth. I gained 50 lbs during pregnancy. Somehow I lost 25 lbs at the hospital and haven't lost a single pound yet (almost a year later). Before I got pregnant I was a very healthy weight and exercised every day and ate well. Every time I exercise, my fibro flares the next day and if I'm lucky, and I rest a lot, it gets better in a day or two. Exercise DEFINETELY exacerbates Fibromyalgia! My Dr. tells me to keep trying but I try to tell her it just makes everything worse. Does everyone think we're making this up or something??? It's so frustrating. Thanks for your post. It's so comforting to know someone is going through the same thing.