Monday, December 27, 2010

*Deep Sigh

Well, it's official, Christmas 2010 is over. I'm not sure about you but I know that I can say that I'm glad but somewhat sad about it too.  This is my typical "Holiday Let Down" period. The last of the gifts have been distributed, the bills are already coming in and the tree is begging to be taken down....yep, let down.

I'm just that way though - it means it's over and done and whatever I didn't get right cannot be corrected now...does that make any sense?  Well, it's a quirk of mine that, unfortunately, cannot be blamed on my brokenness - it's simply my weirdness :)

As for my health during the holiday - well, it fluxed as always but not nearly as bad as I would have thought. We made a 6 hour drive and slept in a foreign bed for 3 nights then traveled another 6 hours but my aches, I'm proud to say, we minimal.

Now, as for my stress level - well that my friends is quite a different subject.  I know I am a far cry from the only person that stresses during this time of year, so I won't even go into it. I do know that with me, it manifests into headaches, stomach acid rising and neck pain - let's just say that all three came around a couple of times :)

Aside from the normal holiday blitz, my children got to spend Christmas with their paternal Grandparents - a first for them. They have seen them just before or right after but never on the day of. Considering both of my children are teens, that's a major accomplishment.We were also fortunate enough to take them into Chicago on Christmas night, just before the snow hit downtown.  We had flurries and lights and laughter, a wonderful, wonderful memory.

So, in closing, I leave you with happy memories, warm thoughts and wishes for many more of both. I hope your Christmases were as joyous as ours.

Until next time!

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