Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Well, I've come to the conclusion that December, for me, has just simply become "Suck'ish!" No, not the holiday stuff - although quite frankly, the pressure and commercialization of that isn't exactly a treat. No, this is more of a personal Dad died in December two years ago and then on Sunday a very dear friend and longtime neighbor passed away unexpectedly.

I've had an emotional week to say the least and when my emotions run high, so too does my aches and pains and all around bitchiness. I have not been a "Peach" to be around lately of which I'm sure my children could attest to.

This week has eerily paralleled the week my Dad died, even down to the foul weather coming in. We are expecting and ice event tonight through tomorrow and of course the wake/funeral are tonight and tomorrow.  When Dad died, we had to drive through an ice event to make his arrangements, etc. and then the day of his funeral, it was so horrible out that the funeral director advised us to forgo the graveside service. We didn't but still....nasty stuff.

On a happier and fun-filled note; Saturday two of my best friends, along with our children, are making holiday soaps!! I am so looking forward to laughter and adult female has the promise of being exactly what I need.

So, from a sad but looking to the future #spoonie - try to enjoy life while you can!

Until next time!

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