Friday, December 3, 2010

The Pink Elephant

Anyone who suffers from Bronchitis knows all to well that the congestion feels like an elephant squatting in the middle of your chest.  Well, I am in the beginning stages of Bronchitis right now and I have decided to name my elephant. She is of course Pink and her name is Lulu!

Now, Lulu and I have danced around together for years and years but since my doctor gave me said pneumonia shot and put me on Advair we haven't really tangoed. I'm hoping that this time will just be a quick jitter-bug as  I'm far to busy right now to be down with Lulu!

Since today I have errands to run and baking to do, I've decided to heavily medicate Lulu so that she won't trumpet quite so much. Every time she does, I feel like my lungs are trying to escape my chest via my throat - ugh!!! She has no respect for me, that Lulu, she's an egotistical elephant I tell ya!

So, with codeine cough syrup in hand, I type this - hoping to quiet my elephant and make it through the day. My general stubbornness will not let me call the doctor! However, I may be forced to reconsider that because it's Friday and I don't want to be in need over the weekend.

So, if you have every named your aches, feel free to share. I find it some how soothing to be on a first name basis with that which ails me. I find it makes it way easier to yell at it! lol!

Until next time!

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