Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ankles Away

I have found that the description for Fibro is a bit misleading - well, kinda anyway....it's often described as "overall body pain" and that is true but also a tad bit deceptive. For me anyway, I do have pain from head to toe but not all at once. I have lovely little twinges I call, "hot spots!"

For example; right now, my "hot spot" is my ankle. Out of the clear blue it started aching and swelled up. I have an ankle brace because it has been known to be one of my spots. It flares, sometimes for a day, sometimes for a week and then it clears up...that's what all of my "hot spots" do.

Nope, anti-inflammatory medicines do not help with these either, for me anyway. Generally, I have to treat the ankle just like a sprang in every other way though. I brace, elevate and ice until I feel like I can walk normally again. It is a total pain in the rump but it's just how it is.

Last week it was my hands, elbows and shoulders. Out of the blue, my fingers swelled to the size of sausages and I even had a hard time removing my wedding band.  This, fortunately, is almost always temporary - as in, hours if not minutes.  However, it doesn't keep it from being both strange and annoying :)

Because I'm on a new health conscious "quest" I have taken a stance this week - I have decided to eliminate what prescription pills I can and replace them with herbal supplements. I have altered my food intake and have pushed very hard along the lines of physical activity. Yes, that could all have something to do with my phantom ankle pain but I am determined to not allow it to shut me down completely.

I have a route I've been walking which is about 1 mile and when the weather turns, (as it has lately,) I use my indoor stepper. I want to get into a shape other than "round" - actually, I'm more of a "pear" shape and, as I've stated many times, I don't like it! So, I push on!

Let's just face it - with emotional issues, weather, toxins and whatever other stuff out there that can cause us spoonies to flare, just waiting on us - we have to take a stance somewhere. There will be consequences to my actions but there are whether I do anything or not, right?

So, with my ankle firmly braced, elevated and iced, I bid you all "ta-ta", until next time!


  1. Haley: Years ago (over 25 years ago) my doctor diagnosed me with "migratory osteoarthritis." That's the best he could do in terms of acknowledging that my pain traveled around my body. We have made progress, thankfully.
    Keep writing about your experience with fibro. Its a real help. Peace, Love, and Joy, YaYa

  2. Haley I know you pain sooooo well. But guess what the pain in my legs is slowing leaving. First my big swollen ankles went away. Then my achy knees and the tight muscles in my legs are slowly easing off. It is not happening over night but gradually. I am also losing weight about 10 lbs a month and no exercise I am ashamed to say since it hurts too much but I am moving so much better with less pain. Pleeeeease take the Paleo 30 day challenge and then decide if you are not noticing amazing changes.