Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm up!

Well, I had ample opportunity to sleep in but instead, I woke up with yet another raging headache! It's the stupid curse of the sinuses and knowing that still doesn't make it go away! lol!

I haven't blogged for awhile because I've been battling the sinuses and the teenagers :) We are cramming as much as we can into this final semester and hoping to get where we want to be before May....ah, the beauty of homeschooling - I don't have to give them "Spring Break!" ahahaha!

Another advantage is P.E. any way I want. So, we've been walking. However, I pushed myself with my walking the other day - it was feeling really good so I walked about a mile...needless to say, I HURT! I am still not loving the shaper shoes I bought and I don't see that relationship improving any time soon. They feel weird on my feet and I've had them for over a month now.

Haven't yet checked out the area Doctor - time has gotten away from me. Need to leave myself a big note on my computer so I will remember to check. In the meantime, I have added B12 to my daily regime of pills. So far, I like it and yes, I do feel a tad bit more energetic as well. - yeah for me!!!

I will try to remember to post the ongoing results of that little experiment too - note; Shaper Shoes - kinda a bust; Doctor - Not yet; B12 - so far, so good!

Until next time!!

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